Content First!

Content First!

Embracing a content-driven design approach is like uncovering the secret sauce in the world of design. Picture this: back in 2008, the design virtuoso Jeff Zeldman, founder of A List Apart, introduced this groundbreaking idea. It’s all about understanding the content before diving into the design process.

Think of it like an editor not laying out a book before it’s written or an architect not sketching blueprints until the building’s purpose is crystal clear. In the digital realm, design should dance harmoniously with content, making functionality a digital duo.

Let’s break it down further: A stellar marketing site pulls you in with persuasive copy and visuals, creating a story about the product and its audience. A restaurant website tantalises your taste buds by sharing cooking styles, diverse cuisines, and essential location details. And e-commerce platforms? They thrive on detailed product info and a seamless shopping experience.

But wait, content isn’t just words; it’s a whole show with graphics, videos, and even audio experiences. Content-driven design is all about understanding your design’s purpose and how it fulfills that purpose before you even start designing.

Sure, having the content ready beforehand is ideal, but if not, planning the types of content needed, aka designing a content strategy, works wonders. And don’t worry; we’ve got some handy tips to make it a breeze using

Ready to up your design game with a content-driven design mindset? Let’s jump in and transform how you craft those digital experiences. Remember, a design is only as good as the story it tells. Ready to tell yours?

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